We are dedicated to providing effective marketing assets and managing promotional activities that make our clients more influential.

We are dedicated to providing effective marketing assets and managing promotional activities that make our clients more influential.

BRAND (ALIGNMENT): Brand/logo guidelines tool: Simply Guidelines

Simply Guidelines was developed by PDAs brand implementation team in response to the growing demand for clarity and consistency in the general deployment of brands and logos.

We supply the product directly to the end-user organisation or via white-label through PR and strategic agencies.

Thinking from the point of view of someone working within an organisation who wants a consistent approach to their branding at an affordable price and/or the perspective of a marketing or PR agency who dont want to reinvent the wheel to be able to offer clients a straightforward branding guide, we designed Simply Guidelines as an accessible solution.

To make it easy for clients, we have designed a concise range of three products each with a fixed price-point, that tackle this issue, effectively: They are, the Core, Alignment and Campaign packs.

All three products also come with a free review of the clients general marketing and communications materials.

You can reach our Simply Guidelines team, through the PDA Marketing contact information above and below.


How many times has any of us gone into a bar and asked for a Coke? (When actually, all we wanted was a cola).

It was reported that in the late 1990s over 80% of BMW 3-Series drivers in the UK signed on the dotted line to acquire their vehicle without even test-driving it first. Such was the aspirational value of the BMW brand among company car drivers.

Ask people what device they use to clean their floors at home and many will tell you that they use a Hoover even though the chances are that they actually use one of many other brands of vacuum cleaner.

In some situations, a brand can actually take the decision out of the equation for consumers. Many people for instance, are loyal to a brand of washing powder. They dont need or want to read the packaging to know what the product will do for them they just pick it up and put it in their shopping basket.

But brands arent just a promise to customers and clients VolksWagen has masterfully penetrated new markets by encompassing the Seat and Skoda brands to sell vehicles that are in fact, based on VW models with a few design tweaks, to groups of completely different consumers.

We are pleased to design a stand-alone mark, but we also devise and implement strategies that bring together other strands of marketing and PR activity to drive the brand message.

But we dont just leave it there.

We also produce complete brand guidelines, something that we are very good at, to ensure that the integrity of the brand, that our client has worked hard to build, remains intact wherever it is used.