We are dedicated to providing effective marketing assets and managing promotional activities that make our clients more influential.

We are dedicated to providing effective marketing assets and managing promotional activities that make our clients more influential.

EXPERIENTIAL: Trade show stands: SwissCell at The AntiAgeing Show

SC Antiageing

SwissCell is a super-premium brand in the skincare sector; when it introduced itself to UK consumers with its first exhibition presence it was critical that the stand design and build, alongside the visitor journey, exemplified the persona and quality of the brand.

As a prelude to the UK introduction, their products had been available through exclusive spas and apothecaries in mainland Europe. The spa/luxury experience needed to be conveyed, but so did the clinical heritage and scientific research that underpin the brand and its products.

Visitors to the stand had the opportunity to learn about the products, receive a hand or facial treatment and purchase product. Thats quite a lot to fit into a relatively compact stand space! And, the stand had to be re-usable for future events.

To deliver on all of the requirements, the styling took its cues from Swiss clinics and spas and so, to ensure smoothness of finish and correct colour representation, the high, curvy walls were finished in a near-unique laminate that had to be specially brought in from Italy! Lighting was carefully specified to enhance the hues of colour from the packaging (in an exhibition hall that is well known for its challenging and changing ambient lighting). Product and product information was physically integrated into the walls, thereby maximising available space, as well as further extenuating the premium sense of the brand.

But, the really clever part was that this beautiful and near-seamless stand, with its bespoke finishes, could be broken into sections and reconfigured to be used at other events. No matter where the stand would be deployed, the brand presence would be robust and the visitor experience would be comfortable and informing. This aspect was faultlessly proven at the stands next outing at The Professional Beauty Show.



Recent research suggested that most consumers wishing to purchase a television set had not decided exactly which make/model to purchase before they visited the high street electrical retailer but that they did make their decision, on average, 35 minutes after entering the shop.

A decision-makers purchase/selection intent is greatly influenced by the experience of interacting with the product at first hand.

Its not just what you say or show thats important its also how your customers feel having experienced what you have to offer.

Think about moving home certainly, youll have a check-list of must-have attributes for the new residence, but as property experts will comment; the house-hunters are also looking to buy into the lifestyle that they perceive the new home will give them.

So, we encourage our clients to consider the entire customer journey, so that every aspect of the product experience is brought together in concert to add strength and presence to the product and brand.

We produce the format and the platforms for the means to take the product to the target audience and then for follow-up contact and regular updates to keep the product (and brand) front-of-mind.