About us

PDA Administration Services brings you Virtual Assistant (‘VA’) support, offering the services and expertise that are typically provided by a Personal Assistant or Administrator in your office,  but from their own office, and without incurring the usual costs and responsibilities that go with recruiting staff. And, we’re very flexible – you only pay for the hours that you require (no matter how few!).

PDA Administration Services trades as a limited company and is led by Lyndsay Scrase, who has over eighteen years experience providing general and marketing administration to the insurance, legal sector services, pharmaceutical, marketing, PR and Quality Mark industries. Lyndsay works directly with all of our clients.

PDA specialises in working with individuals and small businesses to provide an extra pair of expert hands for a one-off project or regular ongoing support. Virtual Assistants can add value to large organisations too – indeed one of our clients is a very large multinational.

Based in Surrey, PDA works with you via email, telephone and mail, and unlike some other virtual assistant services, can also offer the option of working onsite in your office (because we realise that not all tasks can be completed remotely).